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About us

The mission of Intelligent Infrastructure Systems is to continuously advance the state-of-the-practice in infrastructure operations, condition evaluation, and management, and to enhance structural performance through more effective preservation, rehabilitation, and restoration strategies.

About Us
The key feature that distinguishes Intelligent Infrastructure Systems from other technology providers, and the reason for our success, is that while we are first and foremost structural engineers, our focus is exclusively on the design and implementation of various technologies. We are not design engineers that dabble in sensing and information technology. Most of our staff have devoted decades to obtaining deep expertise in various technology domains through advanced application and research.

Intelligent Infrastructure Systems has a tradition and culture that enables and rewards creativity. Our staff are always looking for ways to enhance our ability to meet client needs – whether through adapting ideas and tools from other disciplines or continuing to refine and enhance current infrastructure paradigms. This culture of innovation is solidified by requirements that all practice leaders maintain leadership positions in national or international professional societies, publish regularly in peer-reviewed journals, and participate in professional outreach activities to disseminate their experience and perspectives to the profession at large.

At the same time we recognize the need to remain closely tied to bridge engineering practice within the U.S., and we maintain a sound understanding of bridge design, inspection, management, and retrofitting processes.  We are working closely with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to improve these processes through research. Our personnel are well-versed in proven project management practices and have established track-records of delivering quality services on time and on budget. This background is critical to providing a common perspective, language, and understanding with the agencies and engineering firms we serve – a requirement for effective collaboration.

Decades before joining the faculty of Drexel University in 1997, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems’ Founding Principal, A. Emin Aktan, PhD started his research into health monitoring and management of large infrastructure systems. In 2007, ten years after joining Drexel University as John Roebling Professor of Infrastructure Studies and establishing an infrastructure institute, Dr. Aktan along with his colleague Franklin Moon, PhD founded Intelligent Infrastructure Systems. After successfully collaborating with Intelligent Infrastructure Systems for several years, Pennoni acquired Intelligent Infrastructure Systems in 2010. Pennoni, established in 1966, is a leading multi-disciplined consulting engineering, science and planning firm that provides personalized services to government, private, commercial, construction, and industrial clients. Pennoni employs more than 1,200 professional, technical and administrative personnel in offices throughout the Eastern U.S. Visit for more information.

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