John Prader, PhD, PE

John Prader, PhD, PE

John Prader has more than 14 years of experience in the analysis, instrumentation, and monitoring of large constructed systems. At Intelligent Infrastructure Systems, Dr. Prader is responsible for leading the development and implementation of instrumentation and monitoring systems for emergency response and has managed a multiyear technical assistance effort for a state DOT.

His experience with Intelligent Infrastructure Systems also includes managing and participating in a wide range of technical activities including advanced finite element modeling, instrumentation design, and implementation of monitoring systems, truck load testing, operational modal analysis, and multi-reference impact testing. In addition, he has also worked on the development of risk models to support asset management, customization of risk models for inclusion of state specific data, and assisting with the integration of the developed risk models within an existing software used for bridge management.

Dr. Prader earned a PhD, MS and BS from Drexel University where he concentrated on structural and civil engineering. His PhD research focused on the development of rapid modal testing techniques for the evaluation of highway bridge structures. Dr. Prader has many publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences and currently serves as a reviewer for the Engineering Structures journal. Dr. Prader is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Structural Engineering Institute and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania.

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Phone: (215) 254-7742

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