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Tom Golecki Presents at FHWA’s Bridge Load Rating Webinar Series

To further support Federal Highway Administration’s initiative to provide continued awareness for local, regional, and State transportation agencies and to advance the state of practice in bridge load rating and posting, FHWA and its Bridge and Structure Load Rating Working Group hosted a webinar to discuss Load Ratings of Complex Bridges on February 20, 2018.

The analyses of complex bridges require special considerations because standard procedures in the specifications for typical bridges may yield overly conservative estimates of demands or capacities. This webinar, Load Rating of Complex Bridges, focused on the process and procedure for load rating of arch bridges by engineers from and provided a demonstration of a procedure for automating the refined analysis of girder bridges that can also be adapted for complex bridges.

Tom Golecki, SE, PE from Intelligent Infrastructure Systems provided a presentation on Automating Refined Load Ratings for Girder Bridges. Mr. Golecki is a structural engineer with more than 10 years experience in the analysis and design of complex bridges. He is an advocate for using program tools to improve efficiency and to make calculations repeatable, traceable, checkable, and highly automated. Through his work on load testing and load rating of complex bridges for legal and permit evaluations, Tom developed an automated refined load rating routine that he demonstrated during his portion of the webinar.

More information about the services that Intelligent Infrastructure Systems provides for refined load ratings and our automated refined load rating routine called Bridgemiser can be found on our website using the following LINK.

On that page you will be introduced to Bridgemiser, the variety of structural configurations the automated program can analyze, view the Bridgemiser workflow, and examine rating results through the interactive example provided. You can also view Tom’s presentation, Automated Refined Load Ratings for Girder Bridges below: