Burlington-Bristol Bridge Load Rating Tool

Burlington-Bristol Bridge Lift Span Load Rating Tool

Intelligent Infrastructure Systems has worked with the Burlington County Bridge Commission since 2008 to design and install an appropriate and efficient structural health monitoring system on the Burlington-Bristol Bridge that can provide real time information regarding the operational and structural performance of the bridge.

In response to the need to conduct analysis of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge (BBB) that connects Bristol, PA and Burlington City, NJ in support of the recent painting project, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems leveraged our automated load rating tool, Bridgemiser, for the lift and tower spans of the Bridge.  The bridge itself is 3,144 feet in total length with a 540-foot main-span through truss that lifts 75 feet vertically to accommodate large ships.

The analysis, using Bridgemiser for the lift span was developed in a manner to allow for simple future rating efforts where new vehicle types or analyses are required. Tasks included review of prior dead load calculations, review and construction of a Finite Element (FE) model for rating purposes, and computation of member capacities. The automation will enable efficient re-rating for any future or potential changes in the structure’s weight, load distribution, load carrying capacity, or additional analysis vehicles.