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Capacity Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Bridges - WV Coal...

Capacity Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Bridges - WV Coal Resource Transportation System

Capacity Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Bridges - WV Coal...
West Virginia Department of Transportation
Asset Type
Transportation, Highway Bridges, Short Span, Targeted Single Bridge
Owners, DOT
West Virginia

Founding Principals Drs. Aktan and Moon along with Intelligent Infrastructure Systems' personnel tested 5 bridges using innovative static and dynamic methods. As a result of this testing, three bridges had postings removed allowing the roads to be used on the Coal Resource Transportation Road System (CRTS). The postings had forced coal trucks to take long and costly detours to avoid the posted structures. The fourth bridge the Smithers' bridge site, a smaller bridge on a side street, was immediately posted and replaced soon after as a result of the initial testing. The fifth bridge was slated to be bypassed in 5 years by a new structure nearby, but the low sufficiency rating and extensive deterioration were a concern. A $2M temporary structure to be built directly over the structure was proposed in the interim. After spending approximately $200,000 using innovative sensing techniques, it was determined that with some repairs and maintenance the bridge had ample capacity and could remain open and in service for some time.

John Prader, PhD, PE
John Prader, PhD, PEPractice Leader - Emergency Response
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Nathaniel Dubbs, PhD, PE
Nathaniel Dubbs, PhD, PEPractice Leader - Monitoring of Performance and Risk
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