Web-Based Intelligent Centralized Operations, Maintenance, Planning, and Security System

The Burlington County Bridge Commission (BCBC) maintains and operates 8 bridges including three moveable structures – Tacony-Palmyra, Burlington-Bristol, and Riverside-Delanco bridges and has been evaluating and implementing technology into their operation and management by adding technology as a value added to their program. Intelligent Infrastructure Systems has been retained to design an Integrated Centralized Operation, Management, Performance, and Security System (ICOMPASS™). This system incorporates different modules such as maintenance, capital planning and management, inspection, performance and health monitoring, security, and central information repository. Each of these components has a role in adding value and improving the safety of the BCBC assets and productivity of the agency in general. The stakeholders (bridge owners, bridge managers, maintenance managers and staff, financial officers, security managers and officers, resident engineers, program and project managers, etc.) will have different levels of access to the modules of ICOMPASS™, depending on their role defined in the Concept of Operations (ConOps), prepared as part of the project in the concept studies phase.

The Inspection Information Management (IIM) module helps the bridge inspectors better manage the inspection data collection process and increases the efficiency and reliability of inspections, and provides live access to the historic data and the previous inspection reports and photos for the bridge inspectors during inspections. The Maintenance Management (MM) and Capital Planning and Management (CPM) modules help BCBC increase the institutional efficiency and provide the managers with more reliable tools for tracking maintenance task orders as well as projects and contracts. Additionally, the Performance and Health Monitoring System (PHMS) adds real-time condition assessment of bridges and roadways to the system, especially roadway surface condition assessment for slippery roadway alerts as well as over-weight truck notifications. The Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) module includes multiple surveillance cameras that monitor the entire BCBC campus and alert the security team in case an abnormal activity is detected. All of these modules are interconnected through the Central Information Repository module which integrates the entire system.