Structural Analysis of City of Philadelphia Bridge 62 at entrance to Philadelphia Navy Yard

In preparation for an over dimensional, overweight, permit vehicle scheduled to cross City of Philadelphia’s Bridge 62 at the entrance to the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems is providing structural analysis and load rating of the structure.

The 19-axel, 387-kip permit vehicle is 184’ long, 14’ wide and is scheduled to travel from the Philadelphia Navy Yard to Interstate 95 by passing over a three-span, reinforced concrete flat slab bridge built in 1917 that sits at the Yard’s entrance and carries Broad Street over railroad tracks owned by Conrail/B&O Railroad.

As part of the permit approval process for super loads, The City of Philadelphia requested the hauler perform a structural analysis and load rating. The load rating was performed in accordance with AASHTO, PENNDOT, and City of Philadelphia standards.  Intelligent Infrastructure Systems provided our client with a summary of the work and load rating results as well as the calculations and computer analysis input and output performed in support of developing the permit rating for the vehicle configuration and weight supplied. The load rating and analysis results were submitted to the City of Philadelphia in support of the super load permit application.