Load Test and SHM of I-195 over NJ Turnpike

Load Test and Structural Health Monitoring of I-195 over New Jersey Turnpike

Intelligent Infrastructure Systems acted over a limited schedule to restore owner confidence in a steel, multigirder highway overpass, following prolonged exposure to a fire resulting from a vehicular accident directly under the structure. The lane directly affected by the fire, part of a temporary widening of the span, was closed to traffic after the fire because of potential performance issues. The closure caused unacceptable traffic delays, motivating the owner to utilize Intelligent Infrastructure Systems to load test the structure with the goal of reopening the lane until the bridge was taken out of service several weeks later. Intelligent Infrastructure Systems assessed the structure and designed an instrumentation plan which would address both the global performance of the structure and the localized performance in the fire affected area. The test, including installation of 30 sensors and several load levels and positions, occurred over night in a closure of just seven hours. The test results were processed and only days after being brought on to the team, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems recommended that bridge be reopened to traffic immediately.