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Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program Data Fusion

Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program Data Fusion

RABIT™ Bridge Deck Assessment Tool and THMPER™ - Targeted Hits for Modal Parameter Estimation and Rating
Federal Highway Administration
Period of performance
October 2015 - Present

The focus of this project is to develop strategies for the integration of NDE data (from the RABIT™ Bridge Deck Assessment Tool) with structural performance data (from THMPER™ - Targeted Hits for Modal Parameter Estimation and Rating and Structural Health Monitoring) and to fuse the disparate data collected under the FHWA LTBP Program. A broad range of approaches will be considered that include both non-physics-based and physics-based modeling. Non-physics-based modeling refers to a class of fusion approaches that employ statistical and data mining tools to improve the reliability of data and its correlation with desired response indices or attributes. Physics-based modeling, on the other hand, makes use of the principles of physics (such as equilibrium, kinematics, diffusion etc.) to supplement field collected data to improve its reliability and facilitate its interpretation.

Deliverables for this project include a literature review of data fusion, data visualization, and data correlation techniques and a final report including detailed documentation and assessment of several different data fusion approaches, and recommendations related to both the most promising methods and future areas of research.

Kirk Grimmelsman, PhD, PE
Kirk Grimmelsman, PhD, PEPractice Leader - Evaluation of Performance and Risk
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Jeffrey E. Purdy, PE
Jeffrey E. Purdy, PEChief Operating Officer
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Thomas Golecki, SE, PE
Thomas Golecki, SE, PEPractice Leader - Modeling and Simulation
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Istiaque Hasan, PhD
Istiaque Hasan, PhDPractice Leader – Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation
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