Targeted Structural Health Monitoring of the Bayonne Bridge

Structural Health Monitoring System for the Burlington-Bristol Bridge

Design and installation of an efficient structural health monitoring (SHM) system capable of providing information regarding the operational and structural performance of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge. The owner, Burlington County Bridge Commission, has adopted the goal of indefinite preservation for their signature structures and has moved to augment conventional engineering practice with the latest sensing and simulation technology to ensure all decisions are made from the most informed standpoint possible. The Burlington-Bristol Bridge is a signature long-span bridge that crosses the Delaware River to connect Bristol, PA and Burlington City, NJ. The bridge is 3,144 feet in total length with a 540-foot main-span through truss that lifts 75 feet vertically to accommodate large ships.

To assist in the design and development of the SHM system, a detailed 3D finite element model of the entire span was constructed and error screened using best practices.