Testing and Evaluation of 11 Mid-Atlantic Cluster Bridges Using THMPER™

Intelligent Infrastructure Systems was awarded a subcontract to perform data collection for the Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program at 11 Mid-Atlantic Cluster Bridges using THMPER™ (Targeted Hits for Modal Parameter Estimation and Rating).

THMPER™ delivers a large impact to the surface of a bridge and measures the resulting vibrations of the structure to determine its unique global load carrying characteristics. These vibration signatures are then used to calibrate a refined FE model, which is in turn used to produce load ratings per the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation.

The principal objectives of the project were to expand the data collection capabilities for the LTBP Program, to contribute to the development of innovative bridge assessment technologies, and to establish approaches to fuse the disparate types of data being collected from operating bridges. Intelligent Infrastructure System engineers managed the deployment and oversaw the THMPER™ testing at the bridge sites located throughout Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Intelligent Infrastructure Systems engineers performed QA/QC reviews of the experimental results and provided recommendations for improving the data collection, processing, and finite element (FE) modeling capabilities of the system.

Intelligent Infrastructure Systems also reviewed and evaluated the literature to identify data visualization, data correlation, and data fusion methods that were most suitable for analysis of the various types of data being collected at these bridges by the LTBP Program, including NDE (RABIT™ Bridge Deck Assessment Tool), THMPER™, Visual Inspection, FE modeling, and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM).