Our staff publishes regularly in both peer-reviewed journals and national/international technical conferences. This tradition is derived from our focus on innovation, and is aimed at ensuring our personnel remain nationally and internationally recognized technical experts. Although we engage in other forms of dissemination (magazines, media) to reach the broader profession and the public, these venues do not demand the same rigor as the peer-review process or permit the technical depth required to convey our innovations. Below is a sample of technical articles by Intelligent Infrastructure Systems staff with links to the full text when permitted by the publisher.

Improving Bridge Analysis with Bridgemiser™

Thomas Golecki, SE, PE

Bridgemiser™ is a flexible refined analysis tool that has been used on a variety of structure types for both design iterations and load ratings for legal and special permit vehicles. It has a built-in functionality to handle the many unique configurations of bridges such as curvature, skew, cross frame geometry, support conditions, vehicle configurations etc. Since this system was developed in-house, additional functionality is continually being added.

Field Verification of Simplified Bridge Weigh-in-Motion Techniques

Navid Zolghadri, S.M.ASCE; Marvin W. Halling, F.ASCE; Nephi Johnson, S.M.ASCE; and Paul J. Barr, A.M.ASCE

This study addresses the feasibility of using a single-span bridge as a weigh-in-motion (WIM) tool to quantify the gross vehicle weights (GVWs) of trucks inexpensively with a small number of sensors and without using axle detectors.

Assessment of Long-Span Bridge Performance Issues Through an Iterative Approach to Ambient Vibration-Based Structural Identification

N. C. Dubbs, PE, M.ASCE; and F. L. Moon, M.ASCE

In this case study, two iterations of the structural identification (St-Id) process were applied to (1) develop a comprehensive finite-element (FE) model (inclusive of approach spans) representative of the general dynamic properties (frequencies and mode shapes), and (2) check that the response magnitudes were consistent with those expected from vehicular traffic.

LTBP Program’s Literature Review on Weigh-in-Motion Systems

Imad Al-Qadi, Hao Wang, Yanfeng Ouyang, Kirk Grimmelsman, and Jeffrey Purdy

As part of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program, a literature review of the state of the practice was performed for WIM systems installed in pavements and on bridges.

Comparison and Implementation of Multiple Model Structural Identification Methods

N. C. Dubbs, P.E., M.ASCE; and F. L. Moon, M.ASCE

The research reported in this paper aimed to (1) implement and compare current MM ST-ID approaches on a physical laboratory model to establish their accuracy and identify their merits and shortcomings, and (2) identify the ability to refine MM ST-ID methods by weighing observations based on their correlation with the desired predictions.

Bearing Assessment with Periodic Temperature-Based Measurement

Yarnold M, Dubbs N.

This paper discusses a method, termed periodic temperature-based assessment (PTBA), which aimed to supplement visual inspection through measured input–output temperature responses without the use of a finite element model.

Comparison of Wireless and Wired Structural System Identification

Navid Zolghadri ; Marvin W. Halling ; and Paul J. Barr

In this study, the random decrement (RD) technique along with the Ibrahim Time Domain (ITD) method were evaluated for modal identification of structures through both wired and wireless sensors. This paper shows how smaller segments of data can be used for extracting the modal properties with similar accuracy.

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