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Ground Penetrating Radar Utilization in Exploring Inadequate...

Ground Penetrating Radar Utilization in Exploring Inadequate Concrete Covers in a New Bridge Deck

Case Studies in Construction Materials
Volume 1, 2014, Pages 104–114
June 2, 2014

Istiaque Hasan, Nur Yazdani


The reinforced concrete cast in place four span deck of a concrete bridge near Roanoke, Texas, was recently completed. Due to possible construction errors, it was suspected that the concrete covers in the deck did not conform to drawings and specifications. A full scale non-destructive evaluation of the concrete covers was carried out using ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment. Cover values were determined from the radargram generated from the scan. The estimated covers were plotted on contour maps. Migration data can substitute the drilling based ground truth data without compromising the concrete cover estimations, except for areas with very high cover values. Areas with high water content may result in inaccurate concrete dielectric constants. Based on the results, significant retrofitting of the bridge deck, such as additional overlay, was recommended.

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Istiaque Hasan, PhD
Istiaque Hasan, PhDPractice Leader – Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation
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