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Applied Research

Applied Research

The unfortunate reality is that in some respects “research” has become a dirty word in the civil engineering industry. This is an arena where change is slow and there is little motivation to push the limits. Recently, there has be a shift in the industry toward technology applications, making research a necessity. It is clear that technology applications in civil engineering are like a snowball rolling downhill, always gaining momentum and increasing in size. The state of the art is being pushed every day at universities across the country. Traditionally, industry lags behind several years with the adoption of technology platforms and applications. Intelligent Infrastructure Systems aims to eliminate this lag, bringing new ideas and technologies out of the lab and into to the field, where true performance and worth can be established. This, compounded with our holistic approach, often results in interesting and exciting technology integration projects.

In keeping with this mindset, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems employees are without exception, research-minded thinkers. We are always looking for ways to alter the landscape of our field without sacrificing the needs of the client. We straddle the worlds of academia and industry, providing the connection required to make “research” a positive part of the vocabulary of civil engineering. Intelligent Infrastructure Systems pushes the limits of the state of the art in the following areas:

  • Technology Validation
  • Customize / Integrate Technology Tools
  • Deterioration Modeling and Life Cycle Analysis

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