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Transportation Asset Management

Transportation Asset Management

Today’s infrastructure owners face a myriad of challenges that were never seen before in history, and were certainly not anticipated. Aging assets, political rhetoric, scarce funding and intense scrutiny from the media are only some of the confounding problems infrastructure owners navigate each day. In the blink of an eye, their responsibilities can shift from management and planning to crisis response and rapid decision-making. Intelligent Infrastructure Systems has recognized this situation, and supports infrastructure owners with these difficult decisions by providing technology and tools to facilitate operations, as well as the identification, collection, and interpretation of objective, reliable data upon which to base decisions.

We do not claim to do the job of an infrastructure owner better than they do. We simply aim to understand the processes and procedures in place, to extract and preserve the institutional knowledge which keeps the organization functioning smoothly, and to understand the decisions that form the ideology of the organization. Intelligent Infrastructure Systems brings value to the owner as an external advocate, maintaining perspective across the macro to micro levels (something that is nearly impossible to do internally). Whether the discussion is about a capital planning decision, operational procedures, or establishing a defensible and quantitative methodology for prioritization of maintenance and repair work, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems maintains the required expertise to assist owners with all asset management needs. Our experience with Transportation Asset Management includes:

  • Clustering & Stratification to Guide Maintenance
  • Development of Custom Inspection Procedures
  • Operations Management
  • Risk-Based Prioritization for Maintenance & Replacement
  • Support for Maintenance & Capital Improvement Programs
  • Preservation of Institutional Knowledge and Legacy Documents

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